The Shift of the World

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When everything shut down, including our lives.

Don't you just miss riding a jeepney with your earphones on, listening to your favorite playlist, just feeling the cold breeze enough for you to fall asleep? Remember the foodtrips with your friends after you finished your classes? It's been a while since we had those fun moments. From the loud noises of vehicles roaming around the city, thick smokes coming from the left-and-right street food stalls, and endless laughter while jamming with friends, to quiet and boring nights.

This pandemic really changed our daily living. It affected everyone and everything. All of us keep on asking, "when will this end?" We really tried to keep ourselves busy because we have nothing to do. People watched all the series/movies they find, stayed up late just to finish one, whether it may be a Korean Drama or Thai Series. They also tried the food trends such as making a dalgona coffee. Some just spend their time playing mobile or computer games.

While some spend the quarantine happy, some are being drowned with difficult situations such as unemployment and hunger. Many families experience these because of the pandemic. Some are asking for help to other people in order to survive. Many students will not enroll in school this year because they lack access in the Internet and they do not have gadgets, as most of the classes will be done online. For them, their life has stopped.

While the positive cases and deaths are still increasing everyday, the frontliners keep on sacrificing themselves to save others' lives. Many medical experts are studying and conducting experiments just to create a cure for the virus. Right now, we still have a long way to go. But it doesn't mean we should lose hope. Difficult times like this require patience, discipline, and unity.

This will be over soon. We will go back to normal again.


Anonysidromous 11 months ago

Good read!

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